Actimage is part of a consortium, ParkStory, a collaboration between constructors, process control systems and SAS providers to develop a new generation of modular automated parking systems.

Keywords: multimodal (cars, e-vehicles, bikes, storage spaces,…), scalable, sustainable, safe & secure, energy-efficient.

The development of the system components is in progress within Actimage and part of this process shall require the development of Proof of Concepts to validate and select the different technology required to build the solution.

Expected work to perform

  • Writing of a technical specification for the project
  • Part of definition of a adapted software architecture
  • Implementation of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to check technical solution is viable at different steps
  • Participation at implementation of applications (cloud, app, interfaces to third parties) with unit tests
  • Adherence to development processes and standards


  • Azure cloud services
  • Languages: C#, C++, React Native / Flutter, HTML, JavaScript
  • Tools: GitLab, Azure DevOps, VS Code